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Asher's Story


Asher, a patient of Feather Touch Dental Care in Atlanta, GA, describes his experiences as a patient from childhood to adulthood. He has had wisdom teeth removed, had a chipped tooth repaired, and received dental crowns. He says he feels lucky to have a dental office that gives him personalized treatment and long-term dental care.

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My name's Asher Collins. I've pretty much been coming here since I was in middle school, which has been too long to remember now. I've had quite a few things done here. I've had my wisdom teeth removed. I've had a chipped tooth from soccer that Dr. Shah fixed for me. I've had ceramic crowns put in, and then just come for my regular visits. Every dentist visit has been great. My experience with Dr. Shah has been great. My experience with Dr. Ross has been great. All of the dental hygienists have been great. The overall staff has been great. Reception, everybody is great here, so I don't think I could have been luckier to pick a better dentist to come to. Since I've been coming here for so long, they pretty much, whenever they call me, like, "Hey, Asher," it feels a lot more personal, more like family, as opposed to somebody calling and saying, "Hello, Mr. Collins, you have such and such and such and such." It's a much better experience than going anywhere else I've been, so I would definitely recommend them to anybody who is looking for a dentist to go to.

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