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Tooth Extractions

Although advancements in general dentistry continue to provide ways to repair and restore damaged teeth, there are instances in which it is better to remove or “extract” them. For instance, tooth extraction is necessary when tooth decay is severe enough to threaten the underlying pulp of a tooth. Though there are ways in which to eliminate the infection, some infections are severe and unresponsive to antibiotic therapy. Consequently, if the tooth is not removed, the infection can spread to adjacent teeth as well as the jawbone.

When an individual has advanced periodontal or gum disease, teeth may become loose. To save surrounding teeth and protect sensitive gum tissues, tooth extraction is the preferred and necessary treatment. Tooth extraction might be recommended when teeth are severely crowded in an individual that has an impaired immune system, as it may make them susceptible to oral infections.

Painless Tooth Removal

Dr. Ross and Dr. Shah at Feather Touch Dental Care in Atlanta, provide painless tooth removal using advanced dental technologies and options for sedation dentistry. As expert tooth extraction dentists, they make every effort to ensure that the area of removal remains clean and is stitched securely.

In turn, our team will discuss every aspect of your treatment and your recovery and options for tooth replacement. This is an important time to learn about your health history and any conditions that might increase your risk for infection such as damaged heart-valves, congenital heart disease, an impaired immune system, cirrhosis, an artificial joint or a history of bacterial endocarditis.

For gentle tooth extraction and removal in Midtown Atlanta and surrounding areas, contact Feather Touch Dental Care today.

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