Tooth Pain Relief

If your tooth has been chipped, cracked or broken in a sudden accident or sports-related event, the reason for your tooth pain is clear. Yet, there are other not-so-obvious causes of tooth pain. Some include tooth decay, cavities, gingivitis, sinus problems, headaches, heart attack, diabetes, viral infections, nerve disease, methamphetamine abuse, vitamin deficiency or TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). In addition, tooth pain might be due to an irregular bite or impacted wisdom teeth.

Whether your tooth pain is severe and excruciating or dull and nagging, it is important to contact a dentist right away for general dentistry treatment. While your pain may stem from an injury and damage or from tooth decay and gum disease, a dentist is well equipped to provide insight into your pain and ultimately relieve it.

In the meantime, it is okay to take an over-the-counter pain medication to take the edge off of your pain. In fact, alternating acetaminophen with ibuprofen works best to manage pain and decrease inflammation. Other products such as Orajel or Anbesol also work to temporarily numb the area surrounding the tooth until you can see your dentist.

Treatment for Jaw Pain

When tooth pain is greater in the jaw, mouth or gums, you might be suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. Clenching or grinding the teeth often causes TMD. Yet, the jaw joint may also be dislocated, resulting in radiating or pulsing pain in the face and jaw. This is made worse when an individual’s bite is uneven or when wisdom teeth are impacted or erupting at an angle. Even so, if you are experiencing jaw pain along with numbness, swelling, bumps, mouth sores or bleeding, this could be linked to some type of mouth cancer.

Treatment for jaw pain ultimately depends on the root cause of one’s pain. In some instances, a tooth filling, dental crown or root canal therapy is needed to remove decay and restore a tooth. In other cases, a deep cleaning may be performed to eliminate pain from periodontal gum disease. If the pain is in fact TMD, a custom mouth guard might help to prevent grinding and clenching of the jaw.

At Feather Touch Dental Care, we believe that when you have tooth pain of any kind, it’s in your best interest to call us. A high value is placed on patient care and comfort, so you’ll feel at ease with gentle examinations and treatments designed to reduce your pain.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Ross or Dr. Shah, contact Feather Touch Dental Care in Atlanta today.

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I see doctors Shah and Lee. They are patient, personable, and always mindful about comfort levels. Brittany is my hygenist, she is the best! She is friendly, explains the treatment plan well, and is gentle during cleanings.

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The staff at Feather Touch was very nice, thorough and professional. The office was clean. Dr. Shah was very personable and professional. Zoe the Dental Hygienist was excellent! I would definitely recommended them.

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