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The word “endodontics” stems from the Greek “endo” (inside) and “odons” (tooth). Endodontics focuses on the inner chamber that houses a tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. If your tooth requires invasive care, such as root canal therapy, Dr. Ross, Dr. Kim or Dr. Shah will repair it at Feather Touch Dental Care, or may refer you to an endodontics specialist in the Atlanta area. This procedure can salvage the outer structure of your tooth, which can then serve as an anchor for a restoration. To learn more about how endodontics can save a decayed or damaged tooth, please contact us today.

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A Look inside Your Tooth

The visible part of a tooth consists of three layers:

  • Tooth enamel is the outer, protective layer of a tooth. It is the most resilient and mineralized substance the human body produces.
  • Dentin is a calcified substance that makes up the majority of a tooth. Dentin lies directly under the enamel and gives teeth their color (enamel is translucent).
  • Pulp is what fills the center of a tooth. The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels, and is connected to the tooth roots.

Tooth enamel creates an airtight seal around the rest of the tooth to protect it from decay-causing bacteria and other dangers. When enamel grows weak, we can can spot the signs of erosion, which can be curbed with fluoride treatments, therapeutic mouthwash, and an improved dental hygiene routine. If decay fully penetrates the enamel, it can infect the dentin and cause small holes, or cavities, to form.

The Need for Endodontic Treatment

If tooth decay reaches the nerves and blood vessels inside your tooth, the tooth may perish, and the infection can spread to the jawbone surrounding it. Sometimes, an abscess will form at the end of a tooth root.

Dental trauma can also lead to advanced decay. A crack can allow bacteria to reach your tooth’s dentin without the impedance of tooth enamel. If the damage exposes the tooth’s pulp, an endodontist may need to perform root canal therapy to remove infected tissue and lingering bacteria.

Root Canal Therapy: Maximum Benefits, Virtually No Discomfort

Using innovative dental technology and procedures, Dr. Ross, Dr. Kim or Dr. Shah can create a small opening in your tooth, often without using a dental drill. The tooth will be anesthetized to minimize discomfort, and you can choose a convenient form of dental sedation to help you relax during treatment. The pulp is completely removed from the tooth, leaving a healthy outer structure. The tooth is then filled with a rubber-like substance, and finally topped with a custom dental crown. To help accommodate your schedule, we can treat your root canal problem at our offices or refer you to an endodontist who can treat you the same day.

Schedule Your Next Appointment with Feather Touch Dental Care

If you have experienced advanced tooth decay, Dr. Ross, Dr. Kim or Dr. Shah can help you to achieve excellent oral health once again. The sooner you seek treatment for a toothache or other symptoms of oral health issues, the sooner you can begin experiencing the comfort and health you deserve. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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