Are Your Symptoms a Result of Dental Issues?

Jaw Pain

It sounds hard to imagine that several symptoms experienced in the upper body may be connected to your dental health. You could be experiencing pain and discomfort in the shoulder and neck. Alternatively, you may notice that you are enduring headaches and migraines with greater frequency.

Other indicators include aching in the cheek and jaw, possibly accompanied by facial swelling. Some patients have identified a clicking sound when moving the jaw. If you have some or all these symptoms, you be experiencing a TMJ disorder, or TMD. Short for the temporomandibular joint, the TMJ attaches your jawbone to the skull on each side.

The TMJ is moved by a series of tendons and ligaments to allow for actions such as speaking or chewing. A misaligned bite can put additional stress on the tendons that support the TMJ as they struggle to compensate.

Causes of TMJ Disorders

Several factors are thought to influence the likelihood that you will develop TMJ disorders. Having crooked teeth can cause your bite to become misaligned, as the teeth cannot comfortably rest against each other. Losing a tooth can change the structure of the face and place additional pressure on the facial muscles.

If you have experienced trauma to the jaw through injury, or suffer from a congenital jaw defect, your chances of developing a TMJ disorder can increase. Tooth grinding is linked to TMJ disorders. You may not be aware that you grind your teeth unless advised by a partner or family member, but will likely notice unconscious clenching of the jaw when awake.

Tooth grinding causes your teeth to become flattened and chipped. Applying undue force to the teeth will wear down enamel over time. Loss of tooth enamel can put you at a higher risk of tooth decay.

Treat TMJ Disorders with Feather Touch Dental Care

At Feather Touch Dental, we understand how disruptive TMJ disorders are to your quality of life. We offer a range of treatments to realign your bite and restore harmony to the functions in the mouth. Contact our Atlanta surgery today to begin formulating your personalized TMD treatment plan.

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