What Causes Tooth Infections?

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One of the most painful dental conditions that you may experience is an infected tooth. When bacteria reach into the inner sanctum of the tooth where the living tissue exists, the tooth is infected. Abscesses and inflammation usually occur, which puts pressure on the nerves inside the tooth. Once a tooth is infected, it must either receive a root canal or be removed. Whenever possible, you want to avoid a painful tooth infection. Knowing what causes them can help you prevent most tooth infections.

Tooth Decay

The bacteria that cause plaque and damage to your teeth can also result in an infected tooth. Decay of the tooth enamel from bacteria can penetrate through into the dentin and eventually reach the pulp of the tooth. While tooth decay can be removed from the enamel and dentin and repaired with fillings, inlays, onlays or dental crowns, once it reaches the pulp, extraction or endodontic treatment is needed.

Regular checkups to identify tooth decay in the early stages is vital for preventing tooth infections. Daily oral hygiene practices can help prevent tooth decay or cavities, but you should also be receiving checkups and cleanings from your dentist. This is one of the best ways to avoid tooth damage and a painful infection.

Tooth Damage

If you crack, chip or break your tooth, it is crucial to have it repaired quickly. Even if the tooth damage does not hurt, you could have small cracks in the tooth structure that can allow bacteria inside the tooth. A damaged tooth should be inspected, and any cracks or chips repaired to protect the live pulp from infection.

Periodontal Disease

Advanced forms of gum or periodontal disease can increase your risk for tooth infections. The infected gum tissue surrounding the teeth can spread into the tooth structure. Daily oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings are the best ways to prevent gum disease.

Not all tooth infections can be prevented, but routine visits for cleanings and checkups are the best way to catch tooth infections or pre-infection conditions in the early stages. To maintain a healthy smile and avoid painful tooth infections, come see our team at Feather Touch Dental Care. Call our office in Atlanta, GA today to schedule your next checkup and dental cleaning.

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