What Is The Clicking And Popping Noise Coming From My Jaw?

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“Listen to your body. It is always communicating with you.” -Ellie Savoy

The sounds your body make can be a bit embarrassing, but they can also act as an alarm, signaling that something is wrong. It’s important to listen to your body for clues that might be signaling a deeper issue. If your stomach grumbles, it means it needs to be fed. When your nose whistles, it may need the airflow obstruction removed. A belch can signal the need for air to escape your stomach. All of these sounds can require a simple “fix,” however, some can signal deeper physical issues that need to be addressed.

Clicking or Popping Noises Coming From Your Jaw

Another noise that you might hear coming from your body is the sound of clicking or popping from your jaw. It usually occurs while chewing, yawning or moving your jaw. This noise is coming from your jaw joint. This condition is known as TMD (temporomandibular disorder).

Your jaw joints and muscles work together to open and close your mouth. They move in many directions and offer you the range of motion you need to swallow, chew and talk. When your joints do not work together properly they can result in pain and noises that come from that region of your body.

Clicking and popping noises are among one of many symptoms of something called TMJ Disorder. You can read about the other signs and symptoms here. If you suffer from TMJ disorder, contact Feather Touch Dental Care today. Dr. Ross, Dr. Shah or Dr. Kim can help you determine if your bite is misaligned and help formulate a treatment plan to restore its balance and function.

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