When You Need Endodontics in Dentistry

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Your smile is one of your most valuable assets, and taking care of it is crucial. However, sometimes dental issues can arise that require specialized care. One such area of dentistry is endodontics, a term derived from the Greek words “endo” (inside) and “odons” (tooth).

Endodontics focuses on the inner chamber of a tooth, where its nerves and blood vessels reside. This type of treatment becomes essential when your tooth’s health is at risk due to decay or damage reaching this inner chamber.

At Feather Touch Dental Care in Atlanta, Dr. Ross, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Shah are experts in providing comprehensive dental care, including endodontics. Let’s look closer at when you might need endodontic treatment and how it can save your precious smile.

A Look Inside Your Tooth

To understand the importance of endodontics, it’s essential to know the structure of your tooth. Three components define the visible part of the tooth:

  • Tooth Enamel: This is the outermost layer and is a protective barrier for your tooth. It’s incredibly resilient and shields against decay-causing bacteria and other threats.
  • Dentin: Located just beneath the enamel, dentin makes up the bulk of your tooth and gives it its color. Enamel is translucent, so dentin’s color shines through.
  • Pulp: The innermost chamber, pulp, houses the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels, connecting them to the tooth roots.

When enamel is compromised due to erosion or decay, the rest of the tooth is left defenseless.

The Need for Endodontic Treatment

If decay or damage penetrates the enamel and reaches the pulp, it can cause severe problems. The tooth may die, and the infection can spread to the jawbone, leading to further complications. Occasionally, an abscess may form at the tooth’s root, causing pain and discomfort.

Tooth trauma, such as a crack or fracture, can also expose the pulp, allowing bacteria to enter. When this happens, root canal therapy, a standard endodontic procedure, becomes necessary to remove the infected tissue and lingering bacteria.

Root Canal Therapy: Maximum Benefits, Virtually No Discomfort

At Feather Touch Dental Care, we prioritize your comfort and oral health. If you require root canal therapy, rest assured that our skilled dentists use innovative techniques and technology to ensure a virtually painless experience. This procedure involves making a small opening in the tooth, often without needing a dental drill.

The tooth is anesthetized for your comfort, and you can opt for dental sedation to relax during treatment. The infected pulp is carefully removed, leaving the healthy outer structure intact. The tooth is then filled with a rubber-like material and capped with a custom dental crown to restore its strength and functionality.

Feather Touch Dental Care understands the urgency of addressing endodontic issues, so we offer timely treatment at our offices or can refer you to a trusted endodontist in the Atlanta area.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced team at Feather Touch Dental Care. Your smile is worth it.

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